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 Post subject: Cat urine
PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2011 6:47 am 
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So all my cats before have been outdoor cats (let's avoid that debate!) and as such, I've not had too much experience with cat wee.

Dovi's wee smells like ammonia, or some other product in hair dye. It definitely smells like something in my hair dye anyway. It burns the nostrils and the eyes. Sometimes when changing it (every other day, with poop scooped out as it's deposited) I could do with one of those toxic waste protection suits. It's particularly bad with his current cat litter, so I guess there's some chemical reaction there and I'll be changing back to the old stuff once this pack is finished, but is the pungentivity (definitely a word) of it relatively normal?

His drinking habits are pretty standard (some but not massive amounts) and it doesn't seem to be linked to what food we give him.

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 Post subject: Re: Cat urine
PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2011 4:17 pm 
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Cat pee is definitely stinky with a strong ammonia content. I find that the smell get stronger over time so using a clumping litter is best. You can scoop out the clumps and get them out of the house and not have pee-soaked litter sitting around getting stinkier.

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 Post subject: Re: Cat urine
PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2011 5:59 pm 
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Are you noticing the ammonia smell with fresh cat pee? Because that's not my experience. Old cat pee that is laying around in a puddle (like BPS mentions) or cat pee in an organic cat litter (like pine pellets or swheat) both degrade into ammonia compounds, but otherwise, my experience with cat pee is that fresh cat pee doesn't smell much more than (though it definitely smells different than) human pee.

I use clumping litter and I still scoop twice a day, sometimes three. My take on it (in addition to odor control) is that the cat doesn't really like using an 'unflushed' litter box any more than we like using an unflushed toilet.

Pungency is the word you're looking for, I think.

Good luck. I'm glad you have an inside kitty. :)

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