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 Post subject: Bend, OR
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:41 pm 
Drinks Wild Tofurkey
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Are there any PPKers in Bend? Anyone spent time there? We might be traveling there and I would live to know more about this cute town!

 Post subject: Re: Bend, OR
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:34 pm 
Saggy Butt
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Location: Oregon
I don't get over very often, but if you like beer there are tons of breweries, I think over 12 now. Deschutes Brewery is vegan and they have tours at the brewery itself with beer samples (free beer is always good in my book). I've never been but keep meaning to go to the High Desert Museum near by. There are lots of outdoor activites, hiking, etc. Beautiful town, the parks on the Deschutes where it goes through town are great. There always seems to be something going on, like concerts and festivals, even more than here in Eugene it seems. My friends are going there this weekend for a brew fest.

 Post subject: Re: Bend, OR
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:54 pm 
Not NOT A Furry
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I went to the Oregon Hand Built Bicycle Show there last fall, and the drive there was really neat. There are some lava fields on the way to Bend (from Eugene) that are awesome looking. And there is a giant rock castle that you can climb up and it's really neat looking. Bend itself was very cute. We didn't eat anywhere special. We popped into a pizza place, but they didn't seem to have any vegan options. If you can't find anything to eat anywhere, we stopped by a Taco del Mar on the way outside of town, because they know what the word vegan means and charge less for vegan burritos. The town itself was adorable. Neat downtown. I'm excited to follow this thread and see if there are any unknown vegan gems in this place.

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 Post subject: Re: Bend, OR
PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:58 am 
Brain Made of Raw Seitan
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I used to live there! And I've been there recently a whole bunch, too. Did you already go? I went vegan while in Bend so here are my suggestions:

Breakfast kind of sucks in Bend, honestly. I would suggest whole foods but even they kind of suck at the hot bar. You can just get yogurt or something, though. Your kid will eat well. I haven't been to the Newport Market but that is a fancy place there might be some yums at, too.
1) Kebaba, (west side of town/river) the middle eastern place has good options and is delicious. I highly recommend this place. The atmosphere is too cute.
2) Chow (west side, basically next to Kebaba and the Newport Market) is okay. I've only been there once and paid $15 to not get full because they gave me "scrambled tofu" that was just white, smoked tofu and a side of steamed squash. I would try it again but honestly I'd rather go to Kebaba. Did I mention I like Kebaba?
3) Angel Thai (east side of town/river/near the highway), hard to find (for me...) but really yummer-ific. Better than a lot of big city places I've been to. Kid friendly.
4) Spork (food cart... you'll have to look it up where it is) I've never been but a vegan friend likes it and they do Korean food which is my favorite. They do it all.
5) Pizza Mondo (downtown) offers some awesome pizza and I think they have "soy cheese" which is vegan but I've never tried because their pizza without cheese is too yummy. Kid friendly or if the weather is nice (happens a lot in bend!) then you can get it to go and eat it at the amazing park right on the river behind pizza mondo.
6) McMenimans... or however it is spelled... is good (downtown), I hear, but I've never been. Very family friendly and it has a tiny movie theatre and my friend works there so you should go.
7) Summit (downtown) is a very not vegan place but they have a huge hunk of Tofurky that they slice up and will replace any meat on their menu with. There is one sandwich with avocado on it that I get with Tofurky and it is super yum. Plus, it is a nice place to go. The soups are sometimes... once in awhile... veg. Check it out.
8) Townshend's tea house is just TEA and they have good stuff. That's right on the same block, I think, as Summit. (Downtown)
9) The Indian Place (Taj Mahal -- downtown) is okay but the buffet is not worth the price since there will be one vegan option total. I think they have veg roti. Nice to kids but the restaurant itself isn't my favorite to take the little one to.
10) The Mall (which is like a neighborhood itself... welcome to Bend) has Cafe Yumm and Taco Del Mar. I <3 <3 Cafe Yumm -- uber kid friendly.
11) Taco del Mar is also right off the highway at the other mall thing north of town by Trader Joe's.
I feel like I'm forgetting one but those are the major ones. There used to be some more local veg friendly places but I'm happy with what they have. Bend has lots of good grocery stores all over which are my main place for travel food anyway. Also, everywhere there has good coffee -- even the drive thru coffee places. Yum!

The biggest "disappointment" I have about Bend is the serious lack of a hot breakfast and good baked goods for vegans. But, then again, there is always Fred Meyer for that special time I need a grocery store pastry. I avoid the diner places at all costs from bad experiences and the fast food and the chinese restaurants. I prefer those elsewhere.

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