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 Post subject: Vegan Sugar Score in Maryland (Edgewater)
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:46 pm 
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I haven't bought cheap white sugar in years but I still always keep an eye out for (Domino) lot numbers beginning in "1" which the internet once told me means no bone char. For the first time ever I finally found some 4 lb bags with the "1" lot numbers at the Giant in Edgewater. I emailed Domino today and they verified that lot numbers beginning in 1 are processed in their Yonkers plant which does not use bone char (long email response in a spoiler) so I went back to the store today and bought 9 bags of sugar. Of course there is no way I will be able to use it all before it expires in 2 years but I couldn't resist. Each bag was 2.69.
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Dear Amber,

Thanks for your interest in our products and for taking the time to contact Domino Sugar Co. Let me first briefly explain the refining process; Domino refines only sugar that is derived from cane. We do not process beet sugar. Raw cane sugar is a combination of sugar and molasses. As you are aware, cane is grown in a tropical climate. Just as many fruits are naturally sweet, so is the sugar cane.

Our current use of animal derived natural charcoal (aka “bone char”) in our cane sugar refining process has been used for over 175 years to manufacture sugar and over the past 10 years to filter and demineralize water. At American Sugar Refining, Inc. we utilize natural charcoal for the decolorization and deashing of sugar liquor via fixed bed adsorption at our Baltimore (MD), Chalmette (LA), and Crockett (CA) cane refineries. Natural charcoal is not used for decolorization at our Yonkers (NY) refinery. Our products all have a production/lot code; they begin with a number or a letter. The products that are made at the Yonkers facility would begin with a "1." Unfortunately, it is not possible to order sugar products direct from a particular facility.

During the cane sugar refining process, heavy density (brix) sugar liquor passes across the natural charcoal bed and specific impurities (colorants and inorganic constituents) from the liquor are captured within the internal pores of the charcoal – the charcoal does not transfer impurities to the sugar solution. Hence, we consider natural charcoal to be a completely safe inert processing aide. In addition, this natural charcoal product is not soluble in either water or liquid sugar. Subsequent processing operations after decolorization include evaporation and further purification by crystallization and drying. The extremely high quality pure refined sugar products manufactured from our process do not contain any actual impurity from the natural charcoal.

Other products that you can use are the Domino Organic Sugar, Domino Demerara Sugar and Domino Organic Agave Nectar. You can also use our sister brand, Florida Crystals. They offer a full line of organic sugar products and they are not filtered through the natural charcoal (bone-char) filter. Here is a link to the website: http://www.floridacrystals.com/Categories.aspx

For additional information regarding the processing of sugar, you may want to contact The Sugar Association; their web site is http://www.sugar.org.

Best Regards,
Domino Foods Inc.

 Post subject: Re: Vegan Sugar Score in Maryland (Edgewater)
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:18 pm 
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Good find. Thankfully no Australian company uses bone char processing for sugar so that's one less item we have to worry about.

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