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 Post subject: Re: Anyone hypoglycemic here?
PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:37 pm 
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kimba wrote:
Well I think my symptoms were pretty clear. Delayed meal, shakiness, feeling weak, sweaty, like I might pass out, cured with sugar. It's not reactive hypoglycemia because of the timing. I just wish I knew the why. My mom just told me that happens to my dad sometime too, so maybe it's just genetic?

I think there's a somewhat meaningful distinction between hypoglycemia that involves clinically frightening symptoms and normal low blood sugar when it's getting near eating time again. Some people with normal low blood sugar get kind of shaky and really irritable, some don't. Our reactions to low blood sugar are extremely variable. I call "feel weak, head hurts, hungry but don't have the energy to think about food" normal hunger for myself (and yes, I think this is totally genetic - my mother has identical hunger signs) and "two hours after I eat a normal meal I suddenly feel the floor dropping out beneath me and start swaying and seeing black spots and sweating profusely and feeling a lot of anxiety" a hypoglycemic attack. I don't get those symptoms until my blood sugar is plummeting way, way lower than a normal-low. Your shakiness and feeling weak and like you might pass out could be symptoms of a very low crash or could be a normal "I'm kind of hungry" sensation for your body. But I think getting blood testing is a useful thing to do if you aren't totally sure what's going on - it means having other medical professionals take it seriously (because everybody and their aunt says they're hypoglycemic and doctors generally scoff at such things and may even not think it is a real thing) and because it may be a symptom of bigger problems down the road that would benefit from closer monitoring over time. Fasting hypoglycemia is also a different thing than reactive hypoglycemia, and can be caused by way more scary stuff and usually really needs treatment - if those feelings are worse in the morning before breakfast or if you don't eat for several hours during the day, definitely make that clear to a doctor.

In the meantime, reducing carbs and eating less in a sitting has been really essential for my own hypoglycemia control. It probably wouldn't hurt to try out.

Good luck on the move!

 Post subject: Re: Anyone hypoglycemic here?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:51 pm 
So Totally Yiffy
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For me, as long as I get plenty of fiber and enough protein (by "enough" protein I mean a LOT) my blood sugar is usually in check. When it isn't, little snacks usually clear things up, and there are plenty of good vegan options for that... I personally like trail mix.

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