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 Post subject: Soy - Anti-fear Mongering
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:13 am 
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"The plural of anecdote is not data."
- Roger Brinner

I think everyone here is educated enough to understand that quote, which I agree with, but anecdotal accounts do have a psychological effect on people.

Soy has to be one of the most heavily urban folklored foods these days.

All sorts of horror stories are told about it, especially for men.

So, I wanted to add a positive, anti-fear mongering account here. Please feel and encouraged to add your own.

One of the most inspiring threads I ever read on forum.theppk.com was a huge thread about soy & thyroid where many women with thyroid conditions gave accounts of how their medical doctors didn't think it was a big deal and just (slightly) adjusted their medications.

I just got some lab results back this morning, from a new doctor I am going to. I chose her because she has an excellent reputation. A mainstream local metropolitan magazine put her name in a "Best Doctors Of ____" issue and database. She gave me a very thorough physical, with very, very, thorough lab tests.

I have a metabolism which gains weight very easily, so I've always had some doubt about things like thyroid function, testosterone, etc.

I went vegetarian, several decades ago, at 14 years of age( I've been vegan since the 90s ). Since then soy foods have been a frequent and regular part of my diet.

I just came from getting my lab results back.

My thyroid.....and everything else, tested out with normal, even excellent levels of everything.

My total cholesterol was at 107 mg/dl.

My total testosterone was at 621 mg/dl.
My free testosterone was at 112.48 pg/ml

My doctor told me that my testosterone levels, both of them, were normal and good for any man, but especially for a man my age.

That is after a life time of eating soy foods regularly and frequently.

No more FUD or anti-soy urban folklore for me.

I'm having a soy based mock-turkey salad sandwich for lunch :)

Hope this anecdotal account helps other people relax and encourages other people to post their own anecdotal accounts.

Everyone is different, but if you have any kind of medical coverage and any kind of doubt, getting a blood test is easy and cheap.


 Post subject: Re: Soy - Anti-fear Mongering
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:09 am 
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I love a cheery anecdote!
Bonus points for using "FUD".

"None of your fancy dandyisms please!" - interrobang?!
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