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The Type 1 Diabetes Rumpus Room
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Author:  mollyjade [ Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Type 1 Diabetes Rumpus Room

I can't remember specific problems with the pump, though I'm sure there were some. I know I was unhappy about wearing a device all the time. I've gotten over that.

I'm hopeful this will level out my BGs. I usually have a good a1c, but my blood sugars can be all over the place sometimes. Neither the CDE or I can find any pattern.

Actually, speaking of not being able to find a pattern, at a visit earlier this year the CDE recommended eating a zero carb breakfast. Literally impossible on a vegan diet. I spent a few days coming up with extremely low carb options (less than 5 g) before I realized this was a terrible idea. Even if I weren't vegan, eating eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast every day (her suggestion) would drive me crazy. Being that strict with my diet messes with my head. I would just end up not eating breakfast.

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