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Brow microblading
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Author:  1strangegirlbygolly! [ Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Brow microblading

I have recently become interested in the procedure of brow microblading, and it seems to be vegan. Wondering if anyone here has there brows microbladed, or is going to do it? It's basically a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo done with plant inks implanted into the first couple skin layers with a hand tool. Because it is.not a tattoo gun, the individual strokes have a 3-d embroidered look, version, very natural looking. Then you go back once for a touchup in 4-6 weeks, then it lasts supposedly 1-5 years before it fades. If I don't chicken out, I am supposed to go be a "model" at a spa for an instructor- guided student practical exam. My brows are a bit sparse, not too remarkable but having fairer hair then brunette, my brows are a bit on the "invisi-brow" side, especially if they get lightened by the sun. Not that this is a bad thing...I just tend to like a stronger brow on myself. Being called for a model is lucky as one drawback of.this procedure is that it tends to be fairly spendy, usually $400 and up for a session and the touch-up. I guess I am scared of the pain, and the scabbing and itchy healing process...this will be my first "tattoo experience" of any kind. But it seems like a cool new option for semi-permanent makeup tattooing, and from my research most people are happy with th3 results for their brows.

Author:  Slightly Melishus [ Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Brow microblading

Did you follow through with the brow microblading? I had my eyebrows done a few years ago with the standard semi-permanent makeup and was really happy with them. They have faded a lot so I want to get them done again and was wondering if I should try the microblading this time.

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