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 Post subject: Re: Blue Jeans - No Crack Allowed
PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:47 am 
Chard Martyr
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ijustdiedinside wrote:
ashley wrote:
I need to find jeans that don't stretch out and fall down an hour after I put them on. They start out fitting just right, and then they end up all baggy-asparagus. Obviously I'm missing some big secret of jean-wearing because I've never figured out how people avoid this. I don't like wearing a belt because I don't like that weird belt bulge around my waist.

yeah, i definitely don't understand how this is accomplished! i have this awesome pair of cords from old navy that fit me so well out of the dryer and then they get so baggy! i hate it. i really hate pants!

My rule is to: 1) buy jeans a size smaller than the nice fit in the store... IF the smaller size isn't crazy awful feeling yucky. Because they will stretch out to that perfect fit that the normal size is after a few. Even the most high-quality expensive jeans will stretch some.

Oh! and 2) I wash them in cold and air dry them, then tumble them on "no heat" to get them softened up (because they're smaller then I'd normally buy them, and I don't want them to shrink even more!), but I don't typically have the problem of them falling off or getting baggy after an hour or even a day, if I get a great pair of jeans that this technique works with.

Like fufa said, most jeans nowadays have some spandex in them, the more spandex, the more stretch, which is not good if you're not wearing a jegging-type jean. However, jeans without spandex just freaking stretch, too, so try the size smaller technique. I end up doing weird dance-y moves after I wash them, to stretch them out a bit, but it works.

Note: these techniques might not work for everyone, but I've had numerous salespeople tell me to get the jeans a size smaller for the stretchy reason, IF the size smaller isn't atrociously awful feeling, because it will typically stretch!

Best of luck. I hate trying on jeans/pants. Also, try on every single pair, even if a light wash in one type fits you and you want the same one in the darker wash- try them on! Jeans can vary tremendously even from wash to wash in the same exact style. It's such a bisque.

 Post subject: Re: Blue Jeans - No Crack Allowed
PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:58 pm 
Lactose Intolerant...Literally
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Another vote for Gap jeans. I just bought some last night and right now my booty is mighty comfortable.

That.... come out wrong.

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