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 Post subject: Re: "Down the Shore"
PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:41 pm 
Baking In The Flavor
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I don't remember...Ok, I just searched for it again, it's called The Veggie Grille, and it turns out it's not just a pizza place, it's a grill that serves meat as well but seems to have a ton of vegan options.

Features traditional pizza and Italian food as well as extensive vegan and vegetarian offering, which include vegan pizza, burger, subs, wraps, main entrees, and salads. Uses vegan Daiya cheese, seitan, and soy faux meats.


 Post subject: Re: "Down the Shore"
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:30 am 
Dr Bronners, MD
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i'm pasting any stuff from the generic NJ thread relating to the shore here. :-) (for convenience sake, and because there's a lot of cape may stuff that hasn't been covered in this thread yet.)

also, i made a general south jersey thread, since the catch-all thread is 95% north jersey.
south jersey thread: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=27934

supercarrot wrote:
GraciaKai wrote:
Bashful banana? Thats a new name to me.

ocean city. they have frozen banana ice cream and apparently muffins? (i don't think the employees are all that learned about their vegan items) but they have a grape-based chocolate sauce that's really good!

esme wrote:
yeah, they also have some tofu stuff and some vegan veggie burgers. but you need to kind of figure it out for yourself since the staff is all high school kids who have no idea what's going on.

i always really want to be more excited about bashful banana and i just can't. the banana whip is good but the rest of food is really meh considering it's super easy for restaurants to make decent veg food nowadays.

o.c. also has a greek place on 9th... i think it's called katarina's or something similar. they have good falafel and hummus and pita.
michael and i saw a new sushi place also on 9th near the greek place that we'll probably try this summer.

you can also get decent burritos and one of the chinese places has a veg menu where you can get general tso's soy chunks (or some other similar non-appetizingly named items) that is pretty good.

picini would be an awesome italian place if they could get down the whole "no cheese" thing. michael and i have tried ordering there a few times asking for whatever pasta they have on the menu and just asking it to be cheeseless. last time, the guy on the phone was like, "i don't know if we can do that." really? you can't leave the forking parmesan out of pasta with tomato sauce? seriously? i lose my patience there really quickly. but if you have the patience to talk really slowly and explain exactly what you want, the food is really good.

overall, extreme south jersey blows for vegan options.

GraciaKai wrote:
chiveggie wrote:
I posted on a shore thread, but didn't realize it was in the Philly forum, so thought I'd post here as well.

I'm heading to Ocean City next week and was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions besides Bashful Banana. Also does the grocery store have a good selection of vegan convenience foods? Our shore house will be packed with family members and I don't think my Italian grandma will let me take over the kitchen to make a full meal if what she is making involves meat. Any vegan options for somebody whose shore memories are highly influenced by browns donuts, mack and mancos pizza, and khors brothers custard?

Ocean City is hard as far as I remember. There is a grocery store, but it's an Acme or SuperFresh if I remember correctly. So I wouldn't bank on it having any vegan food. It would probably be better to bring what you want with you.

As far as vegan versions of boardwalk the boardwalk food we all know and love, GOOD LUCK! If it exist let me know!

Mack and Manco's, shame on you! Sams is where it's at. But I'm a Wildwood girl through and through. I didn't start going to Ocean City until I was older because my uncle used to own a house there.

esme wrote:
yeah, your options are acme and superfresh. both have a few veggie burgers and tofu, but that's about it. we go to OC every year too and it's sad that there's basically nothing to eat.

oh! i just remembered. there was a new place on the boardwalk last year that had tacos. they had a veggie/black bean taco that was pretty yummy. i forget exactly where it is, but i'm pretty sure it's near the end of the boardwalk (15th street end).
also, burritos at... i forget the name mojos? mojo something?
and one of the chinese places in town has some veg stuff like general tsos.

there's at least one place with veg sushi and the greek place on 9th street (sorry, i'm blanking on ALL THE NAMES) has some ok veg mediterranean food.

but, honestly, there's nothing outstanding or even REALLY good in town and it's a bummer.

Aubade wrote:
This weekend I'm heading to a different shore town - Cape May. I haven't been there in soooo many years. I'm really excited! I did a bunch of research on restaurant options (I'll be there 3 days), here's what I found. If anyone knows anything about whether or not these places are good, or places I've missed, suggestions appreciated!

Definite Vegan Options:

Mad Batter (specifically desgnated vegan options = black bean cake or pasta. Specialty bellinis.)

Bella Vida. Excellent Breakfast/brunch option. Has tempeh & fakin bacon, lots of veg options. https://bellavidacafe.com/capemay/index.html

Ella's good to go: coffee and vegan lunch stuff like soup, sandwiches on the mall. Carpenter's mall part.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellas-Goo ... 79?sk=wall

Cape May bakers: regular bakery with vegan stuff: lunch specialties. http://www.capemaybakers.com/

Higher Grounds Cafe & Coffee Shop: on same street, a block or so away from Cape May bakers. Organic coffee and lots of vegan breakfast and lunch options. http://www.highergroundscapemay.com/

Iffy vegan options:

Cabanas: old bay fries, black bean soup, green salad. grilled veggie sandwich. On beach. Many beers on tap, 1/2 price happy hour http://www.cabanasonthebeach.com/default.asp Although options look vegan, not specifically labeled that way so I emailed but haven't heard back yet.

Home fries, bagels, reg fries, salad, grilled veggie hoagie & home made veggie burger (would have to ask if it has eggs) http://www.zoescapemay.com/index.html

And this restaurant on the beach with at least 1 veggie sandwich (with no cheese): http://www.mcglades.com/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html

Island Grill another possibility. Caribbean food, supposedly some vegetarian, but no menu online.
Ditto Gecko's - no menu online Mexican. http://www.capemaytimes.com/Restaurants ... geckos.htm

EmperorTomatoKetchup wrote:
and i second the recommendation for Gecko's in Cape May - a great place for vegans and omnis alike. my whole family liked eating there on our family visits in the late '90s/early '00s, and i took the boy there when we went to Cape May for the day 3 years ago.

Aubade wrote:
Well, the food options in Cape May were better than I thought! We couldn't even stop at all of them in just 3 days.

So here's what I ended up eating:

Lunch at Higher Grounds Cafe & Coffee Shop. I had a grilled cheeze with sesame tempeh & iced coffee. It came with a little salad and fruit, and was really yummy. I forget what my partner had but he liked his a lot too. The best part was we sat outside in their cute garden, while they had a live band playing.

I asked if they had ice cream but all they had was baked goods, and the server was nice enough to tell us about a new gourmet ice cream place named Bliss in the Carpenter's Mall. They make fresh ice cream daily, and always have a vegan selection. The day we went it was Chocolate Pistachio and it was sooooooo good. I'd say it rivaled Lula's. They also had vegan sorbet - lemon basil and watermelons flavors. We got the lemon basil and it was perfectly balanced. You could really taste the basil but not too much, and it was just the right sweetness. Excellent.

Got a wrap, i think called the athenian, and peanut butter noodles from Ella's good to go for dinner. (10 mos. old baby makes it had to eat out) Both were good, especially the noodles.

We got 3 different kinds of cookies from Cape May bakers that were all good. Also a quinoa salad. I'm repeating myself. It was tasty too.

Unfortunately Zoe's house made veggie burger was not vegan. (has eggs) So I just got a bagel and roasted potatoes from there (with some tofutti we bought at Higher Grounds)

Finally, we had a nice meal from Gecko's. They do still advertise vegan options on the menu so we checked it out, and I'm so glad we did! It was awesome. I had a stuffed acorn squash and my partner had the portabello fajitas. Oh and we had the black bean cakes as an appetizer. Everything was outstanding, and huge portions. Even the salad that came with the meal was delicious, especially because it had roasted corn in it.

Cape May is so cute. I love it there! Can't wait to go back some day and try the Mad batter.

Larisa wrote:
I'm in Cape May, and I've tried a couple places so far. It seems like most places either have something vegan on the menu or something vegetarian that can easily be made vegan, like a pasta dish without cheese, and most of those were pretty good, and more than I'd expected, and it was nice to be able to just walk up to restaurants and not have to negotiate my meal.

One restaurant that was REALLY good, though, is Bella Vida in West Cape May. They've got several veg*n options, and the chef really knows what he's doing. The food was delicious. I got a Caribbean plate, with rice and beans, fried plantains, and pineapple mango salsa. The house salad dressing and the pesto oil that come with the bread aren't vegan, but if you ask, they'll bring out a (still very good) vegan dressing and some plain olive oil. The restaurant has Jesus Loves You type stuff all over the place, including in the bathroom, which was kind of weird, but whatever. I think we might be going back there for breakfast sometime, so I'll see how that is.

We just went to the Chalfonte, which is this really big old historic hotel with a restaurant that's supposed to be great. My feeling is, don't bother. They have a different menu each day, with one vegetarian entree, and we called ahead and let them know that there would be a vegan, and while the vegetarian entree tonight was a mushroom ravioli with caramelized onions and spinach, the vegan entree that he prepared for me was just some roasted vegetables (in oil with some herbs -- OK, but nothing special) and plain farro.

Larisa wrote:
A couple more quick Cape May reviews:

Bella Vida doesn't have much vegan on their breakfast menu, but you can get the lunch stuff at breakfast time, and it's pretty good. I got a BLT with avocado, which I really liked.

The Washington Inn is a pretty good option for fancy dinner with omnis. They've got a vegan special each night. From what I can tell from reviews online, the special is always roasted vegetables with pesto and polenta, but it's pretty good, and the atmosphere there is really nice. My roasted vegetable plate was eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomato, and mushroom, but one of the other reviews mentioned ramps and fiddleheads.

We went to Mad Batter for breakfast, and again, I ordered from the lunch menu. They've got a black bean wrap on the lunch menu, and black bean cakes on the dinner menu. I only tried the black bean wrap, but I thought it was very good. Like Bella Vida, though, I wish they had some actual vegan breakfast options -- burrito for breakfast is fine with me, but having the option of pancakes or waffles would be great.

Last night, we went to Martini Beach, where, for once, the special vegan dish was not grilled vegetables. It was Persian vegetable stew, which was very nicely done, good spices and a nice sauce, and it came with basmati rice. I also tried the roasted onion hummus, which was good, but nothing amazing.

Today, we went to Gecko's for lunch. It's Southwestern food, and there are a bunch of veg options on the menu, and things that can be made vegan by leaving off the cheese. I tried getting guacamole instead of the sour cream, but they charged $3 for about two tablespoons of guac. The food was good other than that, though.

_diana wrote:
New restaurant down the shore with vegan options!! Main Street American Cafe, 6002 Main St. in May's Landing.

It's my buddy's restaurant--so far there are vegan pancakes & a housemade black bean burger on the menu. Soon there will be tofu scramble, and maybe vegan crab cakes!!

I'm really excited for it, & probably going to check it out this weekend. Open 8a-4p every day.

I solved it for once and for all -- and for everyone -- by intentionally leaving behind some 9-lives burritos... ~Lorelei4mc
supercarrot.com, vegan groupony things, vegan coupons

 Post subject: Re: "Down the Shore"
PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:05 pm 
Trapped On A Desert Island With A Cow
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I'm reviving this thread because I am going down the shore tomorrow (Ocean City) and it seems like a lot of the places I've found online are no longer in business. Maybe I'll come back with some new places to share.

 Post subject: Re: "Down the Shore"
PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:30 am 
Wears Durian Helmet
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http://www.philly.com/philly/food/20160 ... Shore.html


 Post subject: Re: "Down the Shore"
PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:47 pm 
Can't Dance, Isn't Part of Revolution
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I recently went to Cool Scoops in North Wildwood. They have vegan soy vanilla ice cream with a lot of cone and topping options!


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