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Taking Veganism to Activism
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Author:  heatherLynnVegan [ Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Taking Veganism to Activism

Hi. New to this community and glad to have found you all! Those of you thinking about becoming involved in Animal Advocacy and Activism or looking for an Absolutely Awesome non-profit to support please check out The Humane League! [The Humane League; not to be confused with HSUS.] The Humane League is a 501(c)3 animal advocacy organization that works to protect all animals through public education, campaigns and rescue.
After being a vegan for 5 years I wanted to be immersed in activism; to play a more active role in disassembling the atrocity and oppression that speciesism is. I searched for an organization that inspired me and fit well with my philosophy. I found The Humane League to be unequivocally the Superstar organization that I was looking for when a friend recommended a book written by THL’s founder! The Humane League’s founder, Nick Cooney, wrote a remarkable book, “Change of Heart”, in which he examines social change by explaining the human psychology of resisting change. This book reeled me in immediately with in depth discussion of human psychology, society’s resistance in adopting new concepts for social change when it challenges the existing status quo and how to effectively advocate for a cause; all backed by copious amounts of scientific research. “Change of Heart” helped me gain a deeper sense of compassion in relation to communicating my stance on Animal Rights and our fellow animals as sentient beings. To say the least his book is superior in its effectiveness to bring light to the reality and difficulty of bringing about social change, yet offers solutions on how to create long lasting social transformations. After reading this book I knew The Humane League was an organization I could fully support. Nick is quoted below in describing THL’s bottom line.
”Our bottom line is not dollars and cents; it’s not shareholder dividends. Our bottom line is measured by two things; the number of animals whose lives we saved and the amount of animal suffering we’ve eliminated.”
Literally. Check out these powerful results at ... ng-part-1/ celebrating the number of animals whose lives have been saved by the advocacy work of The Humane League! Consider supporting Animal Rights Advocacy through volunteering or interning with The Humane League. This is sincerely an impassioned, fun loving and committed community of staff and volunteers! There are staffed offices serving the greater metro regions of Philadelphia, Boston, Maryland, Dallas and New York City, and our work for animals extends nationwide. Visit and contact one of these offices to learn more on how you can contribute to saving the lives of animals and eliminating their suffering!

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