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 Post subject: Visiting Stockholm & Gothenburg
PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:32 pm 
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Does anyone have recommendations for food, lodging, tourist / non-tourist things to do in Stockhom & Gothenburg?

On a whim I booked a 9 day trip that involves fly into Stockholm and out of Copenhagen. What I do is up in the air but I think Gothenburg might be worth a stop, if for nothing else to break up the train trip between Stockholm and Copenhagen, but I'm not sure.

I read the Stockholm thread but additional tips / ideas are appreciated!

 Post subject: Re: Visiting Stockholm & Gothenburg
PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:18 pm 
Saggy Butt
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I LOVE Stockholm and Gothenberg. I've been twice and am going back for a third visit soon, and I've got friends living in both cities. I'm not so good with lodging since I stay with people I know though. Swedish food is very heavily fish based, and their famous gummy candies usually have gelatin (though not always, read the pkg) so I do eat a lot of other ethnic food when there. In stockholm, make sure to spend time in the old town (Gamla Stan) touristy but fun...on the water front (your bus ticket in town gets you a free transfer to the ferry) check out the palace, etc etc. These are the pretty standard tourist things. There's also one street with 5 h&ms, maybe you aren't as obsessive a shopper as me, but I enjoy myself a bit too much there. You should also check out Sodermalm, or SOFO...which has an NYC soho vibe to it, and hosts a lot of festivals/farmers markets/food carts etc in addition to upmarket shops and restaurants. Lots of good Indian food in the area too...

Gothenburg is not as exciting as Stockholm, but there are a few things of note. I find the early morning fisherman's market fascinating even though I'm veg...but I understand not feeling that way. It is a seriously unique Scandinavian experience though. There are also a lot of opportunities for boat rides, since Gothenburg is also on the water, and even some restaurants on boats. Another fun thing is going to the park where there is a free zoo. I get particularly excited about the Elk...because really...you can't go to Sweden and NOT see elk. The University in Gothenburg is also pretty impressive, and if you go check out the main library, it's pretty amazing. Riding the trolleys all over the city is fun too....

I can go on and on...I know I'm not being terribly specific, but I find the best things are often those you just happen to encounter without planning, and the Swedish people are some of the sweetest I've met anywhere on the planet, so they'll be happy to help!

Oh and last but not least...whatever you do, don't forget to have as many Fika breaks as possible! That's what Swedish people call a coffee break with friends, and there are a million and one adorable cafes to have them in!

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 Post subject: Re: Visiting Stockholm & Gothenburg
PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:11 pm 
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Stockholm has a fantastic city bikeshare program that you should look into. Because of the climate, it only operates from April-September, so it depends on when you're going. I believe there are 2-day and season-long passes, although maybe they have a week-long pass by now. Even the season-long pass was not a bank-breaker for me, I think it was around $20? In addition to Södermalm (which is very bikeable), I would really recommend checking out Hagaparken and nearby adjacent Bellevueparken (walk from Odenplan T-station). There is lots of lovely hiking and walking, with views and swimming in the harbor. Also check out Stora Essingen, a little island just a stone's throw from Gamla Stan which used to house a penal colony but is now a popular spot for summertime swimmers.

I have never been to Gothenburg myself, but if you are planning on taking the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, you will most likely be entering via Malmö, which is a solid 2 hours south of Gothenburg. Right between the two is the city of Helsingborg, where I have friends and have spent some time. I really recommend it! There is a delicious coffee shop with fun vintage decor and a very wide array of vegan treats and sweets called Ebba's Fik ('fika' is the glue of Swedish society, it's a coffee break with sweet snacks). You can take a ferry from Helsingborg across a small channel to Helsingor in Denmark, which is home to Hamlet's castle. From the ferry you can walk straight to the train station and board a train to Copenhagen. The ferry and train combined cost about $13 and take about 90 minutes.

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 Post subject: Re: Visiting Stockholm & Gothenburg
PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:34 am 
Wears Durian Helmet
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I wasn't vegan when I lived in Gothenburg, but those who were used to like eating at Hagabion. It's a cafe/restaurant connected to an independent cinema.

Go on a tour boat! It's called Paddan and is a low boat that tours the centre of town and the guide tells you about the sights.

If the weather is nice, you can go out to the islands outside of town with public transport (trams and ferries, for the closest islands you only need to pay for one zone).

The Museum of World Culture often has really interesting exhibits, both about "traditional" and modern aspects of culture.

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 Post subject: Re: Visiting Stockholm & Gothenburg
PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:23 pm 
Tofu Pup

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Hope I'm not too late for my two cents!

food - my favourite restaurant I visited was a Vietnamese place called Nem Nem Quan in Söder (an island south of the city). I didn't press them too much on the veganess of their vegetable dishes, but I had a delicious vegetable curry. It's very popular so you'd probably have to call and book ahead. I find that Söder in general is a haven of health food shops and restaurants. There is also a vegetarian/vegan cafe in Söderhallarna (http://www.soderhallarna.com/english) called Södermanna (http://sodermanna.se/meny.html) sorry it's in Swedish, but I'm sure google translate can help! They have wraps, falafel, vegan kebabs and the like. My omni otherhalf loved their vegan kebab plate! Söderhallarna also has an english shop! (maybe not so interesting for you, but being an expat Brit, I have to stock up on my tea there!)
Hötorgshallen (the old haymarket; http://www.visitstockholm.com/en/Dine/R ... allen/1060) is more central, also a great place to check out, not so much for being overly vegan friendly, but it's a great food market to look around and the coffee bar there (himalayan something or other) is amazing - had the best flat white of my life there! You can also laugh at all the people queueing for over the counter service at Systembolaget (state run monopoly alcohol shop) - apparently all the alcohol used to be bought like this, with the alcohol tucked safely behind glass and staff!
Sightseeing - nordiska museet (Nordic museum) is a beautiful building just to see from the outside, but I enjoyed inside too. The Hallwyl museum is close to the nordiska; it's a palace that is preserved from a hundred years ago and I really loved the tour (available in english), but I'm a nerd :D

It's been a bit longer since I visited Gothenburg, so my details are a little more sketchy - all I really remember is that they have a medical museum that I really enjoyed (complete with a little english booklet as the displays are mostly in Swedish).

As someone above said, fika is serious business, and you should partake! As are saunas (bastu) and you should definitely do one! Have fun!

*edit to add more links

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