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 Post subject: Re: Too Early to Complain About Family?
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:26 pm 
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Here are my complaints:
My mom never calls me but constantly complains that I don't call her. When she calls me, all she wants to talk about are her tv shows, complain about other family members or tell me that I should have a baby. None of this stuff I want to hear about. Oh and I am starting to take steps toward a major life change but I can't tell my mom because she wouldn't be supportive.

My uncle, who lost his house and is currently living with my grandparents along with his wife and child, keeps having money 'issues'. He was sending his daughter to a private preschool, taking various trips, spending money and then asking money from my grandparents when his car breaks. He is irresponsible and really only thinks of himself. I would rather not see him or his wife but we are going to visit for Christmas and he is living at my grandparents so what are my choices? I don't really talk to either of them though.

My 'dad' annoys me without me even talking to him. As far as I know, him and his wife are living out of the country. Not sure what happened to the house they owned but from the calls that both I and my mother received, it sounds like they abandoned it. Apparently, my dad listed me as a reference on some loan, I didn't ask for details, despite me having seen him twice in the last 20 years and talked to him maybe a dozen times within that same period. What is worse, is that apparently he also listed my mom as a reference which is someone he has seen once in the last 20 years and that was only because they both came to my wedding. So I'm annoyed at him putting me as a reference and me getting calls but I'm even more annoyed at him putting my mom.

As for my inlaws, I like them a lot and they are generally nice people. They don't tell us to have babies, they love dogs and cats and take care of our cats, they have vegan meals when we are over and I generally like them. Of course I have the feeling that if I ever crossed them in some way, they would have no issue turning on me.

You are all a disgrace to vegans. Go f*ck yourselves, especially linanil.

 Post subject: Re: Too Early to Complain About Family?
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:34 pm 
Can ride a bike, drink a Blue Sky, and eat some Stonewall's all the same time (bad ass)
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My sister tries to put me in the middle of arguments with her and my mom or my mom and her son. They all live together, and much like it was all throughout my childhood, there's constant fighting they hardly get along. I can't take any of it and that's why I live an hour away. But my sister still tries to get me involved. I'll get an e-mail or phone call asking me to "talk to mom please, she's behaving like ______ and she's shutting me out again" to which I always respond, "what am I supposed to do?" It's very frustrating, sorry Mo! I feel your pain.

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